One of the most dangerous things you can do is set out to plant a church without solid confirmation of your calling. Church planting is not for everyone. A comprehensive two-part assessment is used for all church-planting candidates: online and in-person. The online inventories score an individual's leadership, personality, strengths, evangelistic abilities, and marital health. 

What should I expect from an Assessment Retreat?

Following the online inventories, an affordable yet thorough Assessment Retreat is conducted to complete the process. Potential planters and their spouses attend a two-day intensive retreat where they interact with a team of 6 different assessors, including seasoned church planters (and wives), a marriage counselor, emotional and spiritual health counselor, personal growth coach, business professional, and others. The 48-hour experience is highly interactive and results in a unique personal growth plan.

What comes after the Assessment Retreat?

Another distinct value to our process is what happens following the online inventories and two-
day retreat. Afterwards, a candidate and spouse meet with their parent church pastor. A member of the assessment team then shares the results simultaneously with planter, spouse, and pastor, identifying strengths and needs, walking through the personal growth plan, and ultimately making a recommendation as to whether or not a candidate is ready to proceed with training. The 242 Network Assessment uses a process developed by the Launch Group, an experienced church planter assessment and training organization. Launch’s experience has been that approximately 53% of potential planters are recommended to continue at that point with church planter training. If proceeding, the personal growth plan serves as a guide to customize the church planter’s training experience. If an individual is not yet ready for Training, the assessment process and personal growth plan still prove valuable in working closely with their pastor to further prepare or better identify a fit in ministry.

How do I register for an Assessment Retreat?

**Please note that you are not considered registered for a LAUNCH Assessment Retreat until you have completed Step 4. 

1. Secure a Parent Church. (A pastor or staff member at a church who is willing to walk alongside the planter through training and keep church planting before the church.)

2. Complete the LAUNCH Planter Application 

3. Pay for and complete the Online Inventories - $99

  • Complete the Church Planter Profile FREE ISA
  • Complete the Leading From Your Strengths Inventory
  • Complete the Prepare-Enrich Marriage Inventory
  • Complete the Pre-Assessment Questionnaires

4. Once you have completed the Online Inventories, you will receive the Assessment Retreat Registration form. If married, both husband and wife are required to attend the Assessment Retreat (no children please). The cost per couple to attend the Assessment Retreat is $299 (in addition to the online inventory fee.)

If you have any questions about the assessment, please contact Josh Kubler at or Johnny Ervin at or 601-292-3224.