Area Vision Lunches

If you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter you've probably heard us talking about Area Vision Lunches. Area Vision Lunches are your opportunity to:

  • connect with current church planters from around the state of MS

  • connect with other people who are interested in church planting or multiplication 

  • learn about what church planting looks like in our state

  • meet the 242 Network team

Last week we hosted our first Vision Lunch in Central Mississippi at The Exchange in Pearl, MS. Shout out to Bryant May and his team for making us feel right at home and letting us use their facility! We met future church planters, current church planters, and other supporters. 

We had a great time eating McAlisters sandwiches and listening to Eric share about what all is going on with the 242 Network.  

Our next Area Vision Lunch is February 12th. We're headed North! The North lunch will be hosted at Longview Heights in Olive Branch. If you live in or around the area make plans to come and have lunch on us. If you know someone who lives in or around that area let them know! We'd love to meet them. 

You can let us know that you're coming by emailing or commenting below. 

P.S. We'll be going down South for our last vision lunch on March 5th! More information to come later. 

Have a great day! 

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