Book Recommendations for Church Planters and Leaders

What’s Going Into Your Brain? 

We are always learning. The real question is are we learning the right things? What information are you deliberately capturing and putting into your mind? This may be one of the most important areas of our lives that I know I don’t steward as well as I should. The question of what is going into my brain is one I need to ask daily.

If you are considering becoming more intentional about your mental input, you may decide to increase your reading. This post is one person’s perspective on books that have been important in shaping who they are and how they operate in life.  Here are 5 books I highly recommend. Click each picture to order the book. 

1. The Bible

The Bible – It should be the plumb line, the microscope, the true measure for all the information that comes into our consciousness. We can’t effectively examine anything else, without a growing understanding of God’s view on everything. Once we are consistent in establishing a foundation of Biblical understanding, we can then begin to bring other ideas into our mind. We can only examine the 2nd and 3rd books listed below if we have a solid Biblical World View.

Being able to consider the thoughts of people who have excellent insight into God’s most important creation, people, is essential in growing the level of understanding we need to successfully operate in this world. Our Biblical World View allows us to examine any principle and know if it has value in what God has called us to do in His service.   

2. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team 

Pat Lencioni is a master of understanding how organizations work. This classic book is written for anyone who needs to work with other people. His desire for organizational health is such an important principle for anyone who is in leadership.

3. Leading Change 

John Kotter is considered by many people to be one of the most knowledgeable leadership authorities in the world. This maybe his best work because he helps us understand how to lead in today’s changing world.

4. Kingdom First 

Jeff Christopherson and Mac Lake provide an excellent and complete view of not just church planting but also who to do effective ministry. This is a must read for anyone wanting their ministry to remain effective in this decade.

5. Church Unique 

Will Mancini is a great thinker. His insights into how to effectively lead in ministry are powerful, especially in helping a leader craft their vision based on a specific context. This is another must read for anyone in ministry today.

There are many more opportunities for mental input available. I would love to know your list and if you have read any of these, I welcome your comments. - Johnny Ervin