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Ministry is not about what we do for people, but what we do with people. Scott Fortenberry's Church Planting Story

Over the next few weeks, we're going to share interviews with all of the church planters in Mississippi who are funded by the 242 Network. For our first interview, we're sharing a behind the scenes look at Scott Fortenberry who planted Soul City Church a year and a half ago. Read on to learn more about Scott and Soul City. 

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Hub Leader Introduction: Brian Tillman

One of the things that makes the 242 Network unique is that we don't let anyone walk alone as they start working to plant a church. It's a rewarding, but difficult task and we want to help church planters young and old succeed and think through details. 

We have experienced church planters on our team as Hub Leaders who have walked through the fire and are pastoring successful church plants that are growing and reaching broken people. Today I'd like to share my interview with North Mississippi Hub Leader, Brian Tillman. 

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Church Planting? Advice for new to Church Planting Wives

“Church planting? What even is church planting?” I remember speaking these very words to my husband shortly after we both sensed God was calling us to it. We laugh at it now, because this was just the naivety God knew we needed to have to agree to His plan!

We were 24 and 26 years old, had 2 years of marriage under our belts, living in our, cozy  house in a great community, had great jobs, and a wonderful church family.  Both of us loved where we were and what we were doing! As God began to speak to us about a change, we knew we had to give Him our “yes!”

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