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5 Free or Cheap Communications Resources for Church Plants

Hello there! JJ Campbell here! I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself. Not only do I work here at the 242 Network managing communications, but I also work for one of the churches in our network of churches. My role at Vertical Church has evolved from Social Media Manager to Communications Coordinator. With that I oversee and carry out our Follow Up process with guests and regular attenders, manage social media and church communications, and manage our database of people. Basically, I talk with people and figure out the best ways to talk with people all day. It's wonderful for an extrovert like me! 

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Essential Content for your Church Website

I remember in the not too distant past serving in a church which did not have a website or social media presence of any kind. Many of the key leaders just could not see the need for it. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in many of our churches still today.

Fortunately, most church planters understand that websites and social media are necessary in the modern world we live in today. But, do we really understand their importance and potential? Are we underutilizing these tools and/or not utilizing them effectively? Do we have the proper content available on our websites?

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Book Recommendations for Church Planters and Leaders

What’s Going Into Your Brain? 

We are always learning. The real question is are we learning the right things? What information are you deliberately capturing and putting into your mind? This may be one of the most important areas of our lives that I know I don’t steward as well as I should. The question of what is going into my brain is one I need to ask daily.

If you are considering becoming more intentional about your mental input, you may decide to increase your reading. This post is one person’s perspective on books that have been important in shaping who they are and how they operate in life.  Here are 5 books I highly recommend. Click each picture to order the book. 

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