Emerging Leader Learning Community 

We want to take a part in understanding and improving the leadership readiness of emerging ministry leaders in Mississippi. One of the best ways we can do that is to take a group of emerging ministry leaders and help them develop leadership skills in ministry. This year we've gathered young ministry leaders throughout the state by recommendation of our Hub Leaders and formed what we call the Emerging Leader Learning Community (ELLC). 

Our participants engage in a variety of leadership development experiences and exercises through a learning community process that meets monthly for 8 months out of the year. We utilize our Hub Leaders and other experienced leader developers to facilitate the learning community. 

We believe that increasing our understanding of a broad range of Mississippi’s emerging ministry leaders helps us better develop the individuals that are eventually called to plant churches.  Because of this belief, this learning community is for a variety of emerging leaders regardless of their interest in church planting. Participants aren't recruited to plant churches, but are provided with powerful development experiences and encouraged to discover the unique direction God intends for their lives. 

This emerging leader learning community is designed for leaders who meet these criteria: 

  • Male and female leaders who are early in their vocational ministry career
  • Leaders who have demonstrated leadership potential in ministry
  • Full time pastors of a churches under approximately 200 in attendance or full time staff persons with leadership responsibility
  • Individuals who are willing to commit to attending each learning community session

The overall goals of the ELLC are that:

  •  Emerging Leaders gain a deeper understanding of themselves and God’s work in their lives
  • Emerging Leaders consider their next possible leader development assignments
  • Build community among emerging leaders for peer support and accountability
  • Provide recommendations for emerging ministry leader development in Mississippi

THE Learning Community Process

Once a month 20 to 30 emerging leaders meet either in regional groups or as one combined group. They engage in activities that will help them develop as ministry leaders, including working on both individual and group leadership assignments. As these leaders grow, we work with them to capture successful development practices and then communicate what is learned to others interested in developing emerging leaders.

Future learning communities will be offered based on the experiences from this first group of emerging leaders.