Is your church interested in partnering alongside the 242 Network? You can help support our Church Planters a few different ways. 


A Parenting Church has a direct relationship with the church plant or church planter. 


  • biweekly personal interaction between parent church pastor or staff member and church planter
  • provides financial support for a minimum of three years
  • organizes and sends volunteer teams to help the church planter


An Equipping Church works with the 242 Network to support church planting in the state.


  • provide financial support for a church plant or multiple church plants. The 242 Network will help you make connections to new church plants. You can give monthly, annually, or one time.

  • at least one staff member becomes certified trainer

  • at least one staff member is willing to coach a church planter

  • the church will host training events


A Supporting Church invests in a church planter, but has less commitment and responsibility than a parenting church.


  • provides financial support for a church plant (monthly, annually, or one time)
  • organizes and sends volunteer teams to help a church planter
  • commits to pray for a church plant and regularly contacts the planter for updates
  • provides other resources for a church plant (music equipment, chairs, etc.) or planter (gift cards, health insurance, etc.)


If your church is ready to commit to partnering with the 242 Network, take a minute to fill out this quick form. If you have any questions and would like to talk to someone about these partnering options, click here. 

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