There are 3 stages in our planting process. Each stage is designed to help you plan, evaluate, and execute goals efficiently when planting your church. 


Pre-Assessment Information

A planter must complete various on-line applications and assessment instruments for the planter and his spouse. These must be completed at least a month before the assessment.

Parent Church Affirmation

Each planter must have a parent church that is willing to work with and invest both time and money in him and his new church for several years. The Parent church must agree to this role prior to the planter’s assessment.

Attend an Assessment

This is a two day retreat that the planter and his wife must participate in. Out of this intense assessment a planter and his parent church leadership will receive feedback on the planter’s readiness to plant, with a focus on verifying his call to plant a church.

You will find more information regarding the Assessment as you scroll down the page. You can also check Assessment dates and registration deadlines on the Events page. 

Develop Personal Growth Plan

Using feedback from his assessment, the planter will work with his Parent church and his coach to prepare his Personal Growth Plan. This living document will clearly state the areas the planter needs to work on to improve his leadership capability and prepare him for planting.

Assessment Follow-up

This is a meeting with the planter and a representative from his parent church where they receive feedback on the planter from one or more of the individual assessors involved in the Assessment Retreat.


Six months of Hub Training

Each planter that is approved to proceed with training will study and focus on 10 competencies that a well prepared church planter will posses. These are covered in face-to-face training sessions lead by Hub Leaders and additional trainers certified in the Launch training process.

Coach is assigned and coaching begins

A trained ministry coach is assigned to each planter and they begin a life and ministry coaching process  that encourages the planter in their personal development. The planters Personal Growth Plan is a key document that is used during the time a planter works with his coach.

Work through your growth plan

Utilizing input and feedback from his Parent Church, trainers and his Coach, each planter will work on learning new skills and changing his behaviors as called for in his Personal Growth Plan. Over a 2 year period his personal growth plan will be adjusted based on his progress and the needs that are discovered during training and coaching.

Develop the church master plan

This is an important document prepared during training that states the specifics of the planter’s strategic and operations plans for starting his new church.

Participate in the Network Conference

Each year 242 Network will offer a leadership conference for church planters and churches interested in working with church planters. Planters will attend the conference for additional learning and networking with other planters and established churches.


Affirm Planters for funding

242 Network leadership will monitor each planter’s progress during the training stage and when they believe the planter is ready to receive funding will recommend to the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board whether or not they should receive funding from the Margret Lackey State Missions fund. The amount and timing of the funding will also be recommended along with any conditions that must be meet for funding to be received and/or continued. The Mississippi Baptist Convention Board leadership will have the final decision on funding approval.

Coaching continues for 1 year

The planter will continue to be coached for at least a year after they receive funding for their church.

Hub Leaders continue investing

Hub leaders will schedule regular meetings for planters and pastors of established churches to meet for fellowship and encouragement.

Annual Assessment of each plant

Planters who receive funding will have their progress with their Church Master Plan reviewed each year by 242 Network leaders to determine if their funding should continue. Recommendations along with the findings of the people doing the review will be provided to the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board for their final decision.